Friday, March 27, 2009

AF is here

My period started yesterday. Let's see how long this lasts...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jumped ahead

Well, turns out AF was just some spotting, I am resuming the pills and hoping that AF comes and stays soon!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My story

I'm here to document my attempts at getting pregnant after 5 years on the depo provera birth control shot. I am not a doctor, this is just a personal journal of my own experiences. If you have any questions or are looking for any medical advice please contact your doctor or a family planning clinic.
After reading all to many horror stories on the web I decided I was going to publish my experience for all of the other woman out there who have taken depo provera and are looking for an optimistic view on the subject as well as an in depth story.
From what information I have gathered most woman are not fertile for the first year after discontinuing depo, although many are pregnant within the 2nd year. I am 21 and hoping to conceive within the next year.
I was on depo for 5 years.I started just shortly after I turned 16. I had my last shot in august of '08. I went 6 months after my next shot was due , October '08, with no b/c method or any other medications of any kind. I also did not regain my period in this time. So on march 4th '09 (today) I went to the reproductive health clinic and asked them if there was anything I could do to get my cycle back. They gave me a pack of birth control pills as is has been noted that sometimes all your cycle needs is a little push provided by the estrogen in the pills to get your cycle going.
During my visit they did a urine dip and found red blood cells in my urine. I had had symptoms of ovulation 2 weeks prior. My nurse said that I could be having something resembling a mini period as I had PMS symptoms every month after my shot was due and there just wasn't enough blood to make it visible to the naked eye. Or it was possible that my cycle was starting on it's own.
Being impatient like I am,I went home and took the first pill around 9:45 in the evening. By the time I took my shower at 1:30 am there was visible blood on the toilet paper. Talk about instant gratification huh? Anyway, I'm going to not take anymore pills and see how long the bleeding lasts. After it stops I'm going to start temping and using ovulation predictor kits to see if I am ovulating.
I'll be posting weekly at the least or if anything new happens.